A Pledge of Planetary Allegiance

We live in an era of multiple planet-wide challenges, from climate change and sea-level rise to terrorism and recession. We sink or swim together.

The Earth Allegiance Pledge has been launched to encourage people to consider themselves not just as citizens of specific countries, but also as responsible citizens of Planet Earth. After just one day it has signatures from over 30 countries.

The project is the brainchild of international award-winning author Dr. Paul Harrison, who has edited many reports for the United Nations Environment Program and other UN organizations. He holds a UNEP Global 500 award. Earthpledge is promoted by the World Pantheist Movement, which promotes a spirituality focused on Nature and the Universe. https://www.pantheism.net

The phrasing deliberately echoes the United States pledge of allegiance, but it is intended to complement – rather than replace – any national pledge. “Our aim,” says Harrison, “is to spread more widely the attitude that we don’t just have responsibilities to our own nation, but to the entire planet. Global environmental changes pose massive threats to individual nations, especially climate change, melting of glaciers, and sea-level rise. So a concern with global change should be an important concern for national interest and security. The sense of planetary citizenship is a crucial add-on to national citizenship.”

The pledge aims not just to encourage public and political action, says Dr. Harrison, but to make people aware of the need for changes in their own behavior. “If enough people change their lifestyle towards sustainability and responsibility to the planet, we could have an enormous impact. And we can influence friends and families to do the same.”

The Earth Allegiance Pledge can be signed at www.earth-pledge.org

Dr. Harrison is available for interview. Email: worldpan@gmail.com

More information
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World Pantheist Movement website: www.pantheism.net
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