“I pledge Allegiance to the Earth
and all the Life which it supports:
One Planet in the Cosmos, in our Care,
with Justice, Peace and Rights for all.”

We have reached a phase in human development where we all sink together or swim together. That goes for planet-wide environmental threats such as climate change and sea level rise. It applies in a globalized economy, increasingly interdependent through good times and bad. It’s true for security, as terrorism arising from local conflicts threatens anyone across the globe, while health threats spread quickly world-wide.

The goal of the Earth Allegiance Pledge is to encourage everyone to consider themselves not just as citizens of specific countries, but also as responsible citizens of Planet Earth.

The phrasing is intended to complement – rather than replace – any national pledge. It appears on the Internet with various wordings. We chose to end with the words “With Justice, Peace and Rights for All.”
Justice refers to all kinds of justice, including the issue of economic equity in a world where inequality is increasing dramatically.
At a time when religion has again become a source of conflict, peace implies mutual tolerance within and between ethnicities and religions and people of no religion. Tolerance does not mean agreement of beliefs, it means agreement that others have a right to beliefs different from your own. It does not mean respecting beliefs that are intolerant or that violate human rights.
“Rights for All” means working against discrimination on grounds of ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability and so on.  It implies all the rights assured by the United Nations family of conventions.
It includes rights for animals and their habitats as well as for humans.

The Earth Pledge is a contribution to consciousness-building.
A change in consciousness can lead to changes in behavior and action, which are needed at every level
if we are to reduce or reverse catastrophic environmental changes.
Please read the pledge and sign if you agree with it. Share the link with your friends and encourage others to sign it.
Emails are recorded solely to avoid multiple signatures. They will not be published or shared with anyone else.

Dr. Paul Harrison
United Nations Environment Programme Global 500 Laureate.
President, World Pantheist Movement