“I pledge allegiance to the Earth 
and all the Life which it Supports, 
one Planet, in the Cosmos, in our care,
with Justice, Peace and Rights
for all Living Beings.”

In our era of multiple planet-wide challenges, from climate change and sea-level rise to terrorism, pandemics and recession, we are all responsible towards each other and to all members of the biosphere. Signing the Earth Allegiance Pledge indicates that you consider yourself not just as a citizen of a specific country, but also as a responsible citizen of Planet Earth.
As of February 27 2020, 1163 people had signed from 44 countries. Please add your signature below! To encourage others, please share on Facebook and Twitter. Your email is required for unique signature verification. Your email will not be displayed or shared with anyone. You will be sent an email confirming your petition.

Sign The Earth Pledge

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Latest Signatures
1,185 lezaan van rooyen South Africa
1,184 Marius Girard Canada
1,183 KaZ Akers United States
1,182 Austin Kelly United States
1,181 Craig Huntey United States
1,180 Martin Schmiderer Austria
1,179 Stacey Wanat United States
1,178 Gary Gilbert Canada
1,177 Sally Gerlitz Doty United States
1,176 Elena Mangulabnan United States
1,175 KaZ Cruse Akers United States
1,174 Paul Delaforce-Sanders United Kingdom
1,173 Deva Hawkinson USA
1,172 Marije van Wieringen Netherlands
1,171 Ken Santos USA
1,170 Jill Lenzmeier United States
1,169 Linda Slattery ??
1,168 Lezlie Riffle US
1,167 John Melhuish United Kingdom
1,166 Shelly Elliott United States
1,165 Kathleen McCutcheon United States
1,164 Julia Ashfield Australia
1,163 Simon O'Connor United Kingdom
1,162 Emelie F Sweden
1,161 Catrina May Allen England
1,160 Dawith Thesfazghi Ghebrmedhin Eritrea
1,159 Jane Philbin United Kingdom
1,158 ANN DRAJ United Kingdom
1,157 Simone King United States
1,156 Tehra Hickman Us
1,155 Paolo Wild United States
1,154 Richard Haase United States
1,153 teresa Miess United States
1,152 Linda Johnson United States
1,151 Amanda Lindsay USA
1,150 luis fernando isassi México
1,149 Alexandra Szybalsky Sweden
1,148 Anthony Thomas Tula United States
1,147 Ian Scaramanga United Kingdom
1,146 Amalia de Palacios United States
1,145 Karson Loftin United States
1,144 Andrew Puzder United States
1,143 Jon Kitchen US
1,142 Charles Manson United States
1,141 Trent Sutton United States
1,140 Cole Sutton United States
1,139 Alex Chaiken United States
1,138 Douglas Chaiken United States
1,137 Kristi Segrave United States
1,136 Neville Durow South Africa